We have always been frustrated by how inefficiently self-learners acquire skills.
    Some of the many challenges self-learners face are figuring out how to approach something, where to start, and the best resources to use.
   When they start learning, they are often exhausted by all the Googling and comparing of resources. On top of it, they seldom end up using the best approaches, nor the most efficient content to accomplish their goals.
    With our first product,, we want to address these issues, but that is just the beginning. We’ll keep making the learning experience stronger, enabling self-learners to stay in their learning flow, acquire skills faster, and seamlessly achieve their goals.

Emerge Education

APR 2012 - NOV 2014

I co-founded Emerge Education, where I led the development of their marketing, brand, and sourcing startups.
   Emerge Education is an accelerator for education technology startups, run in partnership with Eton College and Oxford's Said Business School. Emerge facilitates 20 seed stage investments yearly, connects their startups across the value chain, and co-runs a co-working space for edtech entrepreneurs.
   I semi-automated the search for companies by creating algorithms to aggregate market information, analyzing 10K early stage education startups yearly, and enabling me to meet up with 150 startups per month. This made our costs low, while exceeding benchmarked KPIs. I also organized a highly appreciated event series on edtech that garnered 700 attendees.


JUN 2012 - JAN 2014

While building Emerge, I worked as a consultant for the business school in Oxford, working with the Skoll Centre For Social Entrepreneurship. During that time, I assisted a course on design thinking, built a new website and blog for the Skoll Centre; created a social media strategy, and organized a film production featuring Jessica Jackley.

White Label

AUG 2011 - JUN 2012

White Label was a one-year venture creation programme by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. They picked 6 university students from different disciplines to participate in the programme parallel to our full time studies. We took courses at Stockholm School of Economics, Royal institute of Technology, completed hands-on workshops, and guest lectures with people such as Steve Blank; a design thinking course at National Institute of Design in India, and an internship at the business school in Oxford - working with the Skoll Centre and Emerge Venture Lab.


DEC 2010 - JUL 2011

Together with my two brothers, as well as Chalmers Students for Sustainability, we organized a 900 km bike trip along Sweden's coast. I planned the route, organized the housing, made our website, and co-organized a few PR events to promote sustainability along the way.
   50 cyclists joined in, and together we ran workshops at the world's largest scout camp, trained with slow motion legend Felix Lancelotte, slept at several ecological farms. We made the press 12 times, had our song played on the radio, and made it on TV. The Green Party's leader joined us for part of the trip, and we were nominated by WWF to be Sweden's environmental heroes of the year.

Nana Darmang


At the age of eighteen, I moved to a remote village in Ghana, West Africa. Due to my appreciation of their culture, by invoking the former chief's spirit, and my perceived wealth as a westerner I was given the honor of being anointed Nano (king) of the village, earning the title Nana Darmang.
   During my time in Darmang, I taught 50 students ranging from ages 7 to 15 using only a chalk, and a ripped English grammar book... I danced with the community in church, occasionally helped on the farm, and picked up phrases in Twi. I was eager to learn, entertaining ideas based on spiritualism, magic, and concepts that I've always labeled as a lack of education and ignorance. My stay taught me humility, perspective and courage.


inimalist and a learning addict. I’ve been anointed chief of a village in West Africa, studied at five universities, worked as a consultant at the business school in Oxford, and co-founded Emerge Education - Europe’s leading education technology accelerator. I’m currently building a new education technology startup called Myelin. I love acidic coffee, well-designed products, nature, and authentic people. Sculpture, A.Kapoor.